Unleashed Anthology series

The Unleashed Anthology series brings you terrifying fiction from the most twisted minds in horror. Each volume explores a theme from the dark-side, dragging you kicking and screaming whether you want to go or not.

by Marie Lanza

Insanire is about a woman who becomes increasingly paranoid while she stays isolated with her family as a virus ravages the world.

We survived the global shutdown… now imagine if horror writers had authored our reality. While you were hoarding toilet paper, Skywatcher Press spent the last year barricaded in a hellscape, mining the dark depths of the horror community to bring you the deadliest ravages of civilization by the most twisted and terrifying people. Contained within these sick minds comes startling plagues beyond anything we have yet seen, gruesome horrors blurring the lines between what we experienced and what might have happened, or what never could have happened, or what will happen next time. Step into the darkness, you are going down with the sickness.

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This antho is by far the best horror antho I’ve read in years! – Amazon Reviewer

Darkness Within
by Marie Lanza

Darkness Within is about two kids determined to prove there’s a killer monster behind a string of murders in their small town.

ter·ror /ˈterər/
extreme fear.

It lurks in the night, around you, it chokes you when your mind roams. Terror is hearing footsteps when you’re alone in your home, terror is hearing noises in the darkness, seeing shadows move when everything is still.

What are you afraid of? Nothing. Everything. It could be your friend or neighbor, it could be a stranger. It could be something far more sinister. Terror reminds you that you are alive.

Step into the twilight zone and let these masters of terror whisper into your ear.

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Operation Z
by Marie Lanza

Operation Z: A plague sweeps the nation, and one sleepy town finds itself victims of the infection—as well as a terrifying military presence!

Grab your bug out bag, strap on every weapon you can find, and get ready for a 600-page descent into undead hell! This gigantic book of the dead and reanimated is brought to you by 30 mind-scarring apocalyptic word warriors penning you horrors you could never have imagined… and can only live safely through by reading The Dead Unleashed.

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Huge anthology with so much variety— Best horror purchase I’ve made in a long time. So dark and so much meat… and gore… and excitement. I’m a huge fan of the Unleashed series, and this one packs a huge punch – Amazon Reviewer

by Marie Lanza

WETLANDS: Detectives are investigating a missing boy found in the deep swamps of Louisiana, but an old tale makes them realize he wasn’t missing at all.

The water is a place which humans seek out for relaxation, knowing that it is innocuously threatening, we brave its dangers despite our fragility because of the joy and comfort it brings us. By daylight the water feels safe, but as the light flees into night, it becomes sinister and dark, full of unthinkable mysteries and unknown terrors. Unleashed vol 4 drags you into this dangerous water, your air is running out, metric tons of ocean is crushing down on top of you, and it is time for you to face the depths!

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