The Colony series

The Colony – Book 1 of The Colony e-series

A virus has divided the world into two categories, Humans vs. Carriers. The only chance for survival is to find The Colony.

Includes a bonus short story, As They Laid Me Down to Die.

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The Colony: Isolation – Part 2 of The Colony e-series

After months of solitude, Emma quickly learns there’s a new danger looming she has to worry about. The Carriers aren’t the worst of her problems.

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The Colony: Breaking Down – Part 3 of The Colony e-series

Emma and Andy are on the run from a relentless hoard of Carriers. They begrudgingly take the assistance from a small group of survivors who challenge their relationship and force them to define security — Safety in numbers or solitude.

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The Colony: Escape – Part 4 of The Colony e-series

The sage continues as Emma and Andy push on in their search to find refuge, only to be faced with a new horror neither of them ever wanted to witness.

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The Colony: Rising – Part 5 of The Colony e-series

Escaping the school was the easy part – It’s time to face the children all over again.

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