OUT NOW – The Depths Unleashed, Fractured World, The Dead Unleashed, Symphony of the Damned

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Skywatcher Press releases The Depths Unleashed, book 1 and volume 4 of The Unleashed series available now!

by Marie Lanza

Detectives are investigating a missing boy found in the deep swamps of Louisiana, but an old tale makes them realize he wasn’t missing at all.

Sixteen authors bring you on a voyage, challenging you to face your fears, injecting you with nonstop tension, mainlining adrenaline, gasping your last breath as you are dragged into the depths! This volume will take you to a deep underwater prison, a city at the bottom of a lake, deep diving at 200 feet, into the unexplored bayou, an oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a terrifying bay in Japan where locals know a kaiju lurks, to terrifying coasts, quiet seaside towns, secluded lakes, unexplored lands, and a coastal resort.

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Fractured World, book 4, and last of the Fractured series is available now!!

The Fabric of society was torn apart by a deadly virus. The world has collapsed, humanity gone. Survivors are surrounded by deadly infected. They not only need to protect themselves against the dead, but from others who are hungry for power and dominion.

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The Dead Unleashed, volume 3 of the Unleashed Anthology series is OUT NOW!

by Marie Lanza

A plague sweeps the nation, and one sleepy town finds itself victims of the infection—as well as a terrifying military presence!

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Symphony of the Damned by Savage Realm Game Books

by Marie Lanza

Detectives in Louisiana are tracking a killer who seemingly never actually kills, but makes his victims believe they need to kill themselves.

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