Marie has been part of best-selling anthologies. Read her short stories, Devil May Come, un Lutin, 101 Days, among others!

SYMPHONY OF THE DAMNED, an anthology of horror

Devil May Come
by Marie Lanza

Detectives in Louisiana are tracking a killer who seemingly never actually kills, but makes his victims believe they need to kill themselves.

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From Savage Realms Press comes a dark and twisted tome with over 400 pages of skin-crawling, spine-tingling horror that is sure to make you sleep with the lights on!

The tent pole position of the collection, “The Devil May Come” by Marie Lanza.  Lanza weaves a fast-paced mystery-horror yarn that teeters between creature feature and cult paranormal, and it keeps the reader’s eyes pasted to the pages until the very last word. —

From the Depths – An Anthology of Terror with Forward by Ramsey Campbell

un Lutin
by Marie Lanza

Detectives in Louisiana are investigating the whereabouts of a young woman who has seemingly vanished. Secrets are soon uncovered that were thought to be lost deep in the swamp and the evil that taunts one family, might be haunting a whole town.

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Chilling anthology delving deep into the psyches of Horror Writers curated by Ramsey Campbell!

A fine horror collection for anyone who loves short stories!

-Amazon Reviewers

25 Gates of Hell, best selling horror anthology

101 DAYS
by Marie Lanza

Detectives in the deep swamps of Louisiana are investigating a series of recent murders. Following an old tale helps them discover the real beast behind the killings.

25 authors of horror bring their tales of terror to this anthology.

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a great collection of short tales by talented writers of the macabre! -Amazon Reviewer

Under Her Black Wings: 2020 Women of Horror Anthology

by Marie Lanza

A woman condemned to wander and take on the identity of those who are unfortunate enough to see her.

These are just some of the stories nineteen women came up with when tasked with creating their own Women Monsters. Step inside and experience tales of bloodsucking entities in the jungles of Southeast Asia, Cuban river goddesses, an Aztec bruja, werewolves, soul stealers, obsessive lovers, furious spurned wives, bloody murder in Gothic manors and on Southern plantations, and so much more…

Featuring stories from: Christy Aldridge, Carmen Baca, Somer Canon, Sharon Frame Gay, The Sisters of Slaughter : Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, Jill Girardi, Alys Hobbs, Tina Isaacs, Stevie Kopas, Marie Lanza, Malena Salazar Maciá, Charlotte Munro, Lydia Prime, Paula R.C. Readman, Copper Rose and Yolanda Sfetsos.

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this one is one of my best recent purchases. Every story is entertaining and suspenseful and there are many jump scares along the way too! -Amazon Reviewer

THE FACELESS WOMAN by Marie Lanza – This one, by far, the creepiest story in this bunch. Sometimes the urban legends are real and can be possessive. This one holds on and won’t let go…literally.

19 Gates of Hell – A horror anthology

by Marie Lanza
A mother recounts how she and her family found themselves surrounded by the dead.

Other authors featured in this anthology include: R.L. Burwick, Rich Restucci, Sean DeVille, James Watts, Frank Martin, Alberto Pupo, Jacob Floyd, Marie Lanza, Bryon Craft, Titan Frey, James Harper, Dane T. Hatchell, James Offutt, Chris Miller, Ryan Wilson, Brandon Scott, Matthew Hollis Damon, and Matthew Brockmeyer

From the darkest places imaginable, both outside and inside the mind, comes 19 tales that will drag you into places you never dreamed of seeing, not even in your worst nightmares.

Come along as these tales open up 19 gates into hell and experience the supernatural, the scientifically evil, and the unimaginable like never before. Authors of Horror have come together to show you in through the gates. . . and they won’t let you leave until you’re crying out for mercy, begging to live to see one last sunset.

What are you waiting for? The gates are opening.

Your fears await you.

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“Facing Death”, picks up right with her zombie genre entries she’s authored previously. Leaving nothing short of the worst to the imagination, she wastes no time in throwing you right into the madness and uncertainty of having to survive on the run.